Terms & Conditions



The subparagraphs, below, shall attach to each and every transaction involving the lender wishing to lend an item and the borrower wishing to borrow the item.


I. To all those that wish to use the services provided by Lendal per this App (website?), Lendal shall not be responsible for, nor be looked to, or relied upon,for:

(a) the borrowed item's promised or advertised condition.

(b) the condition of the borrowed item when returned by the borrower.

(c)  the borrower failing to return the borrowed item on the day scheduled for the return of the item, thus causing additional charges for days used to be incurred.

(d) the failure of the borrowed to be returned at all, due to it being misplaced, lost, stolen or discarded.

(e) personal injury to the borrower or damage to the borrower's property arising from the operation of the borrowed item.

(f) Use of the borrowed item that may cause personal injury or harm to property of a third party from the use of the borrowed item by the borrower.  Should this occur, borrower agrees to indemnify and hold Lendal harmless for any claim, cause of action, administrative proceeding or lawsuit that may arise against it by any such third party [Parker, this can be expanded but it is hard to bind a third party from not going after Lendal since such a third party has no relationship to Lendal---you will need to discuss insuring against such exposures with your insurance agent, if you have one for the business.]

(g) failure of the borrower to properly recognize the borrowed item was not what the borrower intended or wanted, in which case the time charges for the time the item remains borrowed shall still apply and be incurred.

(h) the proper description of the item to be borrowed (as that remains the sole responsibility of the lender of the item to describe/list on Lendal).

(i) failure by the borrower to operate the borrowed item according to how it is to be properly operated.

(j) based on the failure by the borrower to operate the item properly, a request for a refund for the time the item has been borrowed.

(k) providing any warranty, guarantee or commitment that what is borrowed is intended for the use of the borrower nor that the borrowed item is what the borrower wants nor in a condition that the borrower expects the borrowed item to be in for use.


Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to you. Your trust and safety is very important to us.  

To our lenders and borrowers: the data Lendal receives is stored electronically and only for the sole and limited use of Lendal and lenders and borrowers that wish to use its services. 

Lendal will never disseminate data except upon request in order to match up a lender to a borrower. To be sure, any personal data collected, such as relevant contact information will never be available, sold or distributed in any fashion to third parties of whatever description, such as marketers.