Borrow stuff you want or need, 
make money off what you don't.


Have you ever been in the middle of putting together furniture and wished you owned a power drill? Have you ever gone camping and wish you had brought a bigger tent? Have you ever torn some clothes and needed a sewing machine before your party in an hour? What about a margarita machine?


Lendal lets you borrow what you want or need from others in your hyper-local neighborhood. Borrowing from friends is always free.


Lendal is the sharing economy.
It's the Airbnb for the rest of your stuff.


Borrow what you need, now.

With dozens of categories spanning anything you could think of, chances are you can find it on lendal. If it's not, we have a great request tool.

Very soon, we'll be rolling out a great way of searching for what your friends have so you can borrow from them easier.


Make money by lending your stuff.

Entering information in manually is so last decade. Wouldn't it be cool if there was an automatic way? We thought so too, so we added that in to lendal. Log in to your Gmail or Amazon account and we'll ask you which items you want to lend out. You can also scan barcodes too if you'd like.

Lendal is like that scene in Indiana Jones with an endless warehouse of stuff just waiting for you—minus the Nazis.
— 30-something User, San Francisco
Lend me some sugar. I am your neighbor. We use lendal all the time on the road to find sugar.
— André 3000, Outkast
I borrowed a curling iron, a painters palette, an easel and a smock all on lendal in under 5 minutes.
— Bob Ross, PBS
I finally can share my crap with others. And get PAAAAAIIIIIDD!!!!
— Jenna, NYC

Borrow something today.