Why should I use lendal?

Have you ever seen your friends post or text: "Does anyone have a power drill I can borrow?" Or maybe someone texted you asking to borrow your snowboard? Maybe you just want to try a margarita machine for that party this weekend. We created Lendal so people can borrow what they want or need in their hyper-local neighborhood.


Why should I become a lendal?

You can also become a "lendal" by renting out your stuff. Friends and people in your neighborhood send you a borrow request and then BOOM!—some extra kiss cash in your pocket off those rollerblades collecting dust.


How does borrowing work?

Once you sign in, you can browse lots of items nearby available to borrow from your neighbors. Simply tap on "Borrow Now" and a borrow request will be sent to the lendal.

The lendal will respond to your request ASAP with their meeting location. You then will have 15 minutes to meet them, unless you both agree to a later time.

Once you pick up the item, the rental time will start. You will only be charged the daily rate each time a new 24 hour period begins. For example, if you borrow an item for less than 24 hours that runs $4/day, you'll only pay $4 total. If you keep the item for 49 hours, you'll owe the lendal $12.

When you're done borrowing the item, launch the app, pick which item you want to return and tap on "Return It". This lets the lendal know you're ready to drop it off.


How does lending work?

Here's where you can make some extra cash each month by lending out things you don't use very often.

Lendal lend out items they've added into their locker. Your locker is a collection of items that appear in different categories when other users are browsing the app in your area.

You'll get a request from borrowers when they want to borrow one of your items and you'll have about 20 minutes to approve the lend request. Once you both set the time, you'll meet in the next 15 minutes, exchange the item, and then start the rental time by tapping on "Begin Lending".

Once the borrower is done, she or he will send you a return request. Once you meet them at your chosen location again, you simply tap "Item Returned".

Where's my money? Once your balance reaches $10, you can request a payout and the funds are automatically transferred to you.


How much does it cost?

A "lendal" lists the daily rental price of each item, which you can see on the item's detail screen or in a list of items when you search.


How do I pay?

Right now you can use your credit card. Apple Pay will be available soon.
And don't worry, Lendal is powered by Stripe so your data is safe and secure and not going anywhere


so I can make money from lendal?

Definitely! Add items you're comfortable sharing to your locker and start lending them out. We take a 13% cut to pay for things on our end, but you keep the rest. We'll automatically pay you once the transaction is complete.


What about returns or refunds?

If you are not satisfied with the item you just rented, you can return it immediately once you and the lendal meet up in person, or within 15 minutes of the time you borrowed it.


I need support—how do I get in touch with you?

You can email Our Support Team and someone will get back to you ASAP. 


Lendal could be waaayyy better if you guys just...

If you have any feedback for us on how we can make Lendal AWESOME,  please feel free to shoot it our way anytime!

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