$25 in your pocket...


We want to know about user experience issues, squash nasty bugs and listen to your wisdom on how to make Lendal the best app we can make. So we're offering some prizes for our best testers! You'll have one week (7 days) to complete this mission...

Lead Lendal: The tester with the most items in their LOCKER will get a $25 iTunes gift card.

Borrower Boss: The tester with the most completed borrow transactions will get a $10 iTunes gift card.

Just follow this link and fill a brief questionnaire to get access to our Beta App:http://www.lend.al


The Fine Print stuff:You need to download and install the app. You need to add 3 items at the minimum to your locker. Our loyal user with the most items uploaded to their locker during the week knobs the $25 gift card. The person who borrows and completes the most transactions with will the $10 gift card. You can only win one. Contest runs over the next two weeks. Your week starts once you upload three items. Good luck!